if i could craw inside his skin and read his mind i would. it hurts me that no one supports what i want or who i am. they think that he’s going to hurt me, i think that he’s going to make me happy. but in order to make me happy, he has to want what i want, he doesn’t seem to share my wants. he wants me, i know that, why else would he keep me around? but how long must i wait for something more than whatever this is. i want…him. right now, i feel like crying. my best friend is in a fit of depression, and so am i. i want more than to be sad all the time, every day, every minute. i need to feel him around me, to feel him hold me and tell me everything will be okay, i can’t describe why i want this…it’s just a simple human desire i have. i am deeply saddened in a way i have never been before, it bothers me that he doesn’t want me the way i want him to. it bothers me that everyone thinks he will hurt me. i am cut deep and to the bone, a wound that could never heal. sometimes i wish that wound were real…………


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