i can try to be positive

i’m going to sit here and lie to myself and say that everything is good. i’m happy, to a certain extent. there are good things in my life, and in an attempt to pick up the pieces that have shattered and fallen, i’m going to try to list them.

1. i have awesome friends that care about me. 🙂

2. i have the best musical taste (in my opinion) that could ever lift my soul.

3. i have a lot of choices that i can make that don’t have to lead to hurt.

4. i’m smart, and getting and maintaining good grades. 🙂

5. i am a person who is valued by many people. 😀

6. sometimes, i am happy, but when i’m not, my friends are always there for me.

i’m sure there’s many more things that i could say, but for now that’s all i can think of. 🙂


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