Dear You (not that you care)

i want a boy. not just any boy, but you. i’m caught up in your eyes, in your movements, in you. when you talk, i stare. when you aren’t looking, i am. i feel a smile touch my lips, and my face begins to flush, when i see you, when i’m close enough to touch you. even through all this rush of feelings, i can’t talk to you. i don’t know you, but i think about you all the time. you swim around at the back of my mind. i think you’re gorgeous, and wonderful, and i only wish you’d notice me. i sit silenced and dazed in my reverie, wishing, that if only by some small miracle, i could hold your hand. i know i don’t have a perfect past, and maybe that’s one thing that’s holding me back, but if you’d just notice me, and be willing to try, we could work it out. there’s no doubt in my mind. because you’re what i want, dear, and all i could need, but i’ll need help to turn my dream to reality. ❤


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