Stevie Nicks…yeah…i know…

i thought i’d blog a little lighter today. i was just sitting here trying to figure out what else i can include in my graphic design project other than leaves, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac lyrics, and my shoes. i know i want this project to be about me, and it can’t be about me without Stevie Nicks in it somewhere. to understand exactly why it is i like her so much, you have to understand me.

i first discovered Stevie’s music when i was 10. yes, 10. stand back came on the radio and i loved it. i didn’t know who it was that sang it, but i loved it. so i did some research and found out the artist was Stevie Nicks. for my 11th birthday, i used my money to buy Timespace- the best of Stevie Nicks. i listened to it every single day. it was the soundtrack to my life for months on end. then, when School of Rock came out, i watched that because my brother loves Jack Black, and my favorite actress is Joan Cusack. you can only imagine how psyched i was to find out that Stevie Nicks was not only talked about in the movie (in the teacher’s lounge when Jack Black’s character hears Joan Cusack’s character did a Stevie Nicks impression and got up on a table and spun around), but also that her song, Edge of Seventeen, played a part in the movie as well. The bar scene from School of Rock is one of my favorite scenes that any film could ever have to offer.

now, moving backward in time a little bit…Stevie Nicks got me through a lot when i was younger. she helped me get through those last three years of living with my mom. my m0m is fine when you don’t live with her, but living with her is a nightmare. i got “beat up” several times for not cleaning my room, and my mom had the “final straw” in January of my 13th year. she told me to pack my things and dropped me off at my dad’s work. i didn’t talk to her for months after that. i avoided her calls. i was an angry adolescent. looking back, that was the best thing my mother has ever done for me. but Stevie’s music helped me through all of those depressing moments when i felt that it was hopeless to even try to get away from that situation. it was my saving grace.

fast forward. i’m 18, happy, healthy, me. Stevie Nicks is my favorite artist, Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band. i own every Stevie Nicks album on CD and some on vinyl. it may seem to others that i’m obsessive, but that’s because they don’t know the story behind it. i discovered Stevie’s music at a crucial point in my life. a point where, not only was i maturing and growing, but i was doing so in a hostile environment. a toxic environment. music plays such a strong role in human emotions, it can make you laugh, make you smile, release anger, make you cry, music can do anything. Stevie Nicks did all this and more for me, that’s why i love her music so.


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