these are all pretty bad, so, bear with me. haha


You think you’re so funny

But I’d be willing to bet money

That you’re not as funnyt as you think

Because all your jokes stink

That’s why no one laughs, honey


You walk around like you’re the best

We all think you should give it a rest

You’re not as great as you think you are

We hope you get run over by a car

You should know that we don’t jest


You asked me on a date

I said sure, that would be great

I know now that was a mistake

You turned out to be a big fake

I can no longer be your first mate


You have a really big head

Your face could never turn red

But if you could see

What we see you’d be

Undeniably dead


Love is blind

People unkind

You’re the worst offender of the crime

No reason and no rhyme

Take their love and leave them blind


that’s what i got. haha the end


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