Overactive Imagination

i see things when i close my eyes, like an alternate reality.

i don’t know what to trust, my open eyes, or the eyes that see what’s in my mind.

it’s like looking backward and looking forward.

i can’t tell what the future will really be, but i can think of how i want it.

i can also think of how i don’t want it, and hope that it doesn’t really happen that way.

but there’s no control, i lost it.

my mind is now running rampant on me and i can’t slow it down.

every thought i have ends horribly.

every dream i have is sweet and sour.

i sing these songs of hope, wishing the lyrics were my own.

all i can write is a melancholy song.

slow and sluggish, dragging sorrow at my feet.

there’s no spark to my thoughts.

no light ahead because i am blind.

i see darkness and blackness, and then two specks of bright blue.

his eyes bring me out of the dark.

his eyes bring me back to reality,

how can i want anything more when i see him?

i couldn’t ask for anything better than being able to see him.

i want to be able to touch him.

but being able to see him is just as good.

he is wonderful. (:


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