so PIE

i could really go for some pie right now, yum. :d haha um, well. a few things to say today:

lunch today was interesting. i went over to talk to miss Cassie about that boy and she was like, “you should go talk to him. right now. go find him. i’m not sure that’s allowed. but you should go.” he doesn’t have lunch with us. haha. so that would be frowned upon. leaving the cafeteria to try to find him. hahaha. then she was talking about how we should switch seats in mystery lit. because she has eye problems and can’t see the board. i was like, you just NOW developed eye problems? she goes, yeah, i was staring at the sun all weekend. i’ll make something up. i’m a good liar. you should really switch seats with me. well, she sits by him in mystery lit. so there’s that. i wish i sat there. hahaha. i always use the excuse of talking to Cassie or Brooke or Kyle to see him. i just really like him is all. 🙂 Cassie said “baby steps. you can’t just be like, ‘so, Murder on the Orient Express-I LOVE YOU!” which i hysterically broke out laughing over and Aaron came back to the table and was like “Lauryn, i could hear you laugh from all the way over there. i love your laugh, it’s so great.” i was like “THAAANKS 🙂 *thumbs up*” if only, if ONLY that BOY felt that way about my laugh. i mean, he’s certainly heard it enough. yesterday in mystery lit to be exact. because Kim was HILARIOUS. i even saw him chuckle once or twice. aaaahhhhhhhh! why is he so adorable???? i’m going insane……>.>

i love EVERYONE. 🙂 Everyone. yes. well…everyone that i have ever said i love you too i love. XD

i also really like that boy….yeah.

ALSO: feedback on SMC writer’s workshop thing…because Miss A. says i have to. joy.

basically, it got me out of school, i got to write some prompts that made me think, and i got a college visit. i already know the college i want to go to and i know i’m going there because i’ve been accepted. i was accepted to Ball State, which is the school i’ve had my heart set on since sophmore year and i got in so i’m not worried about college visits to SMC and i’m not worried about filling out the incredibly long St. Mary’s application although my cousin gave me her id number so i wouldn’t have to pay the thirty dollar fee. anyway. i’m getting off topic. topic being, SMC writer’s workshop thing. it was fun, i got to goof around with my friends, i got to write a zombie story for the first time in my life and i played around with some limericks, which turned out alright, though they could have been better. i also got to write from the perspective of a girl wanting to murder the boy who cancelled her prom date at 4 pm before prom. which would probably seriously piss me off. so the prompts were good, but the college visit part not so much. and there wasn’t really any feedback provided, didn’t they say feedback would be provided? i was also disappointed that they probably only threw away those papers that we all worked SO HARD on. i would have liked  to have gotten those back.


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