i just want an answer

i keep looking for an answer to be written on your face i keep thinking that that smile is somehow out of place hello hello it’s me again knocking on your- let me in i just want an answer i just want an answer
did i tell you that i was crying just the other day because i couldn’t find the words to say to you did i tell you that i get lost drowning in your eyes i don’t know i guess though that it shouldn’t be a surprise
if i told you that i want you i wonder what you’d say if i told you all i dream about is you i wonder what you’d do i close my eyes and try to see it play out in my mind but the truth is i’ve never been that great at fortune telling
can i tell you how i’m feeling and wonder if you feel the same and is it that you don’t believe it because of how i act around you and it may seem like i avoid you but i’m avoiding rejection trying to get some protection from being hurt again
i wrote this song i don’t think it’s wrong to tell you how i feel please know it’s for real and i get nervous when i see you my heart beats twice as fast and when i talk to you i wish that you’d talk back say more than just that i want to have a conversation that i can relate to i want to talk to you without feeling like i’m dying i lose my breath i lose my words and i don’t really know what i’ve heard
i don’t want to have to second guess myself every time i look at you every time i think of you i don’t want to feel like i have to check myself at the entrance to every door you’re on the other side of
“give it a little more time” easier said than done
can i tell you how i feel now without it being strange between us can i let you know how i feel can i tell you all my secrets without a change between us can i know that you care as much i do just give me an answer


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