pummpkin pie

pumpkin pie has never been my favorite. but i’ll eat a celebratory piece for thanksgiving. 🙂 which i did, and i guess it was alright. i had two thanksgivings this year. one on thursday with my dad’s side, and one friday with my mom’s side. friday we also celebrated my gpa’s 80th birthday. holy cow! 🙂 anyway, that’s what went down. ^_^

monday is only a few days away…i’m nervous. if brooke REMEMBERS to give him that note…i don’t know what will happen in psychology…>.> that would be interesting. i have ideas. one is the WORST possible scenario where he’ll just ignore it and me. then there’s the BEST possible scenario, where he’ll be willing to pursue something. i don’t know…i’m hoping for the best. 🙂

(my font color is like pumpkin pie. XD makes sense, don’t it? XD)


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