march out to battle
keep your rifle at your side
get shot down
and lose your pride
never give up
and never give in
never look weak
if you want to win
nobody said the road was easy
paved with good intentions
keep those honorable mentions to yourself
nobody said you could overcome your demons
with a rifle in your hand
you think it makes you tough to pretend you don’t feel pain
when it hurts you that nobody rememebers your name
and it feels good on your skin
when the cold metal drags across
because you know it will never know loss
you keep losing lovers
and you keep losing friends
an endless rollercoaster
following the trends
your life has lost its meaning
the ride has lost its thrill
all that lies between you and bliss
is one. sweet. pill.
come back from battle
let me take you in
i’ll sugarcoat your memories
and wash away your sin


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