Those eyes

my eyes quite accidentally caught with yours and i thought that i might die. my heart raced at a pace which it has never before seemed to attain. i lost my breath for that split second when i was lost somewhere drowning in your oceanic eyes. i quickly turned away though, because i’m not sure what’s going on behind those eyes. what is it that you ponder over every time you look in my direction? i catch your stare so often it frightens me that you sit so silently. are you lost in some distant reverie of what could possibly be? i am lost in you and you are all i think about. i dream about you, which must mean that these feelings are real, that it is not just in my conscious mind but my thoughts have drifted into my subconscious dreams. i do not mind it one bit though, any moment i can think of you is one i am willing to seize. carpe diem. i should take that advice and voice something to you. however, i feel that i have made my move and it is your turn to slide the next piece across the board. if your speaking to me would be considered check, then i can not wait for checkmate.


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