Ten Albums You Should Listen To

this is going to be one of the most biased and out of order lists ever. it’s what i like, and bands will probably be repeated. (they are.)

Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

i enjoy this album because of it’s short happy diddlys. yes, i used the word diddlys. song such as “she” and “circle” are a couple of my favorites off of this album. Edie Brickell is an excellent lyricist. “circle” and “air of December” are two tracks you should definitely give a listen to. the simplicity is great and lends to the track as opposed to taking away from it. “air of December” has a bit of a darker tone to it, but it’s about memory, and often memory is dark.

Tango in the Night
Fleetwood Mac

this album is one of my favorites. not only because it’s my favorite band who my favorite solo artist (Stevie Nicks) has been a part of for many years, but because the music is enjoyable to listen to. a couple of my favorites are “welcome to the room…Sara” and “Caroline.” i like the variety of lyricists that bands have to offer, yet Fleetwood Mac maintains a similar sound though some songs are written by Christine McVie, others by Lindsey Buckingham, and still others by Stevie Nicks.

Get Nervous
Pat Benatar

i would just like to start by saying i love this album art! Pat Benatar has a miraculous voice and every song on this album is made especially great by that fact. Although, my utmost favorite has to be the title track. well, it’s not exactly the title track, but close enough. “Anxiety (Get Nervous).” i used to listen to this track on repeat in my room for several minutes at a time. it is fantastic.

Patti Smith Group

this album is rather unconventional, but it was the seventies, a lot of the culture was unconventional. two of my favorite tracks are “rock and roll nigger” and “easter.” “rock and roll nigger” is upbeat and catchy with a mixture of the defiance the age had to offer, while “easter” is on the opposite end of the spectrum, soft and smooth. Patti Smith is one of those rebels who refuses to shave, and pokes fun at God to a point where you’re not sure if she believes or not.

Rock A Little
Stevie Nicks

my all time favorite Stevie Nicks album since she went solo in 1981. Rock A Little has so much to offer. i love every song on this album, but my favorite is “if i were you” for it’s catchy lyrics and beat. “baby how much closer could we be, i swear you’ve become a part of me.” i catch myself singing this song in my head quite often. it is a miraculous compilation of what are, in my opinion, some of Stevie’s greater works.

Parallel Lines

i own every Blondie record, and i would have to say that this is by far the best. my favorite track is “sunday girl” for reasons i can not explain. just listen to track, and while you’re at it, you may as well listen to the entire album. it’s worth it! i promise!

Peter, Paul & Mary

i didn’t even know who Peter Paul and Mary were when i went through my grandparent’s old records, but i knew the song “puff the magic dragon” so i decided to give the entire record a listen. guess what? I LOVED THE WHOLE THING! well, obviously, i mean, because i’m writing this now. anyway, since i loved this record (LISTEN TO IT) i remembered there was another Peter Paul and Mary in my grandparent’s stash, but we’ll talk about that later. basically, this album is good, otherwise i wouldn’t mention it. it’s folk sound relaxes me when i’m in a bad mood, i just love it.


the Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy. Ann’s vocals are pure rock, and so is Nancy’s guitar. “all eyes” is my favorite track. again, i can’t say why, it’s uptempo and a great song to rock out to as is every song Heart has ever produced. there are a few more mellow songs, like “these dreams,” but ballad rock is still rock. i applaud this album.

Peter Paul & Mary
Peter Paul & Mary

this is the aforementioned Peter Paul and Mary album. in my opinion, it’s also the better one. with songs like “500 miles,” “cruel war,” “if i had a hammer,” and “where have all the flowers gone” you can really hear the angelic quality of Mary Travers’ voice. again, the folk genre is always relaxing to me. i love Peter Paul and Mary’s music, it’s on my ipod. haha

Fleetwood Mac

there’s a reason why this album has stayed at number one for weeks, recieved a grammy award, and gone 19x platinum. the reason is plain and simple, it’s good. Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham all wrote songs based upon their personal experiences of things they were going through at that point in time. they were all writing songs about each other because they were all involved with one another. Stevie and Lindsey were breaking up, Christine and John (McVie) were getting a divorce, and Christine was seeing the light director. i can’t pick out songs that are better than others from this album, it’s impossible. you’ll have to listen to the whole thing.


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