The Enchantress: A Tribute to Stevie Nicks

there are quite a few references to songs stevie has written, enough that i credit half of this poem to her. šŸ™‚

she spins in fringe and chiffon-

enchanting us with the show she puts on.

she's mystical,

she's magical-

the real rhiannon,

the real gold dust woman.

like leather and lace,

she holds a place-

in the hearts of many,

mystifying plenty.

can you feel the magic in the air?

in her trademark look?

in her defining blond hair?

she knows the dream.

she's seen the crystal vision.

she is the nightbird.

she is the ghost through the fog.

what does it mean-

to be one who holds so many enthralled?

to captivate the hearts and minds of many all around the world?

to be so long,

the goddess of rock?

how could anyone else measure up?

she's the real thing,

our silver spring,

she's the love-

the angel of your dreams.

she dances on stage in her platform boots,

twirling in her fringe and chiffon.

poet...priestess of nothing-

she has always been a storm,

sable on blond and always graceful,

even after the glitter fades.

her music is her gift-

her lyrics and her songs-

the most beautiful things,

the most innocent things,

she does it for the world.


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