dear you,

stop slandering my name at every chance you get and i’ll stop being so upset over everything. you’ve caused me too much pain for me to just forget about it all. especially after you blocked me, unblocked me saying you didn’t wish to fight because it was beneath you, thus starting an argument by refusing to be friends with no real supportive fact provided after i said if you would rather gain a friend than an enemy that would be most desirable. i’m done pretending that i don’t care, i do  care. i care that the way you are going about this is entirely the wrong way. i care that you are calling me irrational when it is in fact you who has the irrational mind. how can you think that any female would take a break up with a rational mindset? i was as rational with you as i could be considering the situation and, when compared to my reactions to other past breakups, i would even describe my communication as friendly. i’m sorry that you aren’t mature enough to desire a friendship or even work to maintain whatever acquaintanceship we had before all this occurred. i don’t blame you, i don’t blame myself, i blame our gap in maturity and age. if you so wish to continue in this everlasting argument, so be it. slander my name and smash my face against figurative walls. i have friends who will stick up for me without my having to ask, as you may have witnessed. they care for me more than you will ever care for anyone other than yourself. someone like you requires no friendship and should never, in fact, attempt to build upon any sort of relationship, friendship or otherwise. in short, since you seem to desire an attack, i’m sorry that you’re sore you couldn’t get me to suck your dick, but i’m not that kind of girl.


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