there are oceans in those eyes

gorgeous. that’s what you are, in and out. a beautiful person. a beautiful soul. i light up when i look at you, there’s no keeping away-no forgetting those bright blue eyes. beauty, through and through. i see you glance my way and my heart glimmers with hope. that hope is false. a mirage in the distance. once i’m close enough to touch it, it shudders and disappears into nothingness. and my heart falls. my hope sinks into the deep blue of your eyes, never to be found again. at least, not until you allow me to dive into your eyes to rescue myself. would you rescue me? i don’t want to be my own hero. i want someone to dive in after me and bring me to the surface. i want that someone to be you, but you barely know i exist. if you have any desire to be mine- for me to be yours- glance my way, say a few words, write. let every thought of yours be of me- or let me creep into your thoughts at the most unexpected moments. just as you are always on my mind. just as you creep into my thoughts.


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