one heart, yearning

i try to ease my mind
by thinking thoughts of you
but no matter what i try
there’s nothing i can do.
you’ll never want to hold me
the way that i want to- with you.
i wonder if i told you
just exactly how i feel
told you face to face
made it raw and real
what would you say?
could you face me-
or would you walk away?
i see you from afar
from across a crowded room
your smile stops my heart
and i can not speak to you.
no matter what i try
these troubles fill my mind
it happens all the time-
since i first saw you.
sometimes i wonder
what my life would be
if there existed in it
you…and me.
forgive my heart for wandering toward you
but i’ve done all that i can do
until you think of me
until you feel for me
the way i think and feel- for you.


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