Man Overboard

I Like You by Man Overboard

Looks like were holding hands,
who knows exactly what this all could be…

All I know is that I feel fine
when I pretend you’re mine
and you lie close to me.

I’m finally laying somewhere
where I’m happy that I’m here,
and my troubles said goodbye
and the heartache disappeared.
I miss you most when I try to act
like I don’t care about the warm hands,
I think that were best friends.

I like your face.
That’s why I stare.
You’re everything
I hoped a girl could be.

So here’s a toast to laying close.
I’m comfy now and I just won’t leave.
You and me we could be…
You and me I could see…
I’m in it for the long haul…
I like you.
You better come back if you’re running.

this reminds me of something. could it possibly be a LOG 52 cuddle puddle? particularly one where it looks like purple is happening? xD
why yes, i do believe that’s exactly it.


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