the dream

last night i had the strangest dream…i’m not sure exactly what it was about, but i have an idea. i think it’s the right one too.

the dream is as follows:

A stag was hiding behind a lioness. The stag and lioness were friends. a white tiger came along and the stag ran away. The white tiger chased the stag through deep snow. The stag ran through the snow, plowing through unveiling two people underneath the deep snow. The white tiger ran along the treetops, chasing after the stag.

the interpretation comes here:

the lioness i believe to be myself, while the stag is Jimmy, and the white tiger is Steph. if you don’t know by now, then ask. : P

The lioness is the protector of the stag, but has failed to protect her friend.

The snow is hiding something. Perhaps the two people represent something.

The tiger is chasing after the stag assertively and aggressively. Perhaps it’s Steph chasing after Jimmy?

Two people could involve a romantic relationship. The snow is covering up the relationship. I no longer tell Jimmy things about my life because he talks to Steph so much.

The white of the tiger represents a clean slate. Maybe Steph is just trying to start over?

The stag leaves the lioness (myself?), which could mean I feel abandoned by Jimmy. As if he’s run off and made new friends and doesn’t care about me anymore.

Running represents the fast passage of time- it’s all happening very quickly.

The stag has a gentleness or innocence about them. Do I feel that the white tiger is trying to rid the stag of its innocence?

The tiger running at the top of the trees represents success and superiority. Perhaps I feel the tiger has succeeded in tearing the stag away from the lioness, the tiger is superior to the lioness because the lioness failed to save the stag.

The stag was never caught though, so perhaps there’s still hope?



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