Beauty and Injustice

Ruby red lips torn apart by hatred and lust,

Skin white as snow, tainted with the poisons of the world.

Is there no one to hear her cries?

She is in anguish.

I can see her sitting in the corner

Broken down by tears-

It’s reflected in her eyes.

She would never let the world in

To see her pain.

Such beauty, disheveled by the world.

Such innocence, polluted by humanity.

She wants salvation-

To be free-

Though she’s too proud to ask.

She holds her head high,

Displaying shadows of a broken past.

Twisted shadows follow her

Down the long, forsaken hall.

What a sweet, loving child

Taught to fear everything around her.

Beauty grows up in the bleak city

The laughter that once rolled from her lips

Has fled and flown away.

A dead father.

A drunken mother.

Where to turn?

Beauty walks down the decaying streets of the city

Lighting up the store windows along the way,

While the city contaminates her heart

With lies and cheap liquor.


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