why don’t we do it in the road?

there are cars in the road. it’s actually quite dangerous to have sexual escapades in the middle of the road.
at any rate, that isn’t quite the point. i just wanted an attention grabbing title. ^_^
i have decided to “steal” my boyfriend’s idea of putting itunes on shuffle etc. etc. but i’m not going to do a “mixtape monday” thing. i’m going to do it whenever i feel like doing it. it will be random playlist whenever i feel like it day. (it’s a work in progress title…) the first ten songs that play in my itunes on shuffle, i will post. no skipping them no matter how embarrassing it may be. and i guarantee there is plenty of room for embarrassment. here we go!

1. tequila – the pretenders
2. rhythm is gonna get you – gloria estefan
3. what have you done for me lately – janet jackson
4. i found someone – cher
5. stand back – stevie nicks
6. to make you feel my love – billy joel
7. drumming song – florence and the machine
8. mighty cold – fleetwood mac
9. hurt so good – john mellencamp
10. ebony and ivory – paul mccartney and stevie wonder

i told you there was room for embarrassment….whirling dervishes.


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