how did you even…whaaaat?

i am thoroughly confused by the occurrences of this day. let it be known that at approximately 4:15 on the date of December 9, 2011, Michael’s ex-girlfriend started following me on tumblr and liked a post of mine about her. the post is as follows:

sometimes i feel like she ruined you for everyone else. she made you afraid to let anyone else in. she scared you into thinking that you should never give a girl what she wants. you gave her everything, all that you are, every single bit of you. and i feel like i still haven’t seen all of you. you have a wall built up and you’re hiding behind it and i just want to be able to tear it down. after nine months, i should be able to. you gave her the world and she threw it all in your face. if you gave me the world, i would wear it around my neck on a silver chain and fiddle with it whenever i was missing you most. i would cherish it as i have never cherished anything else. please just show me that you’re capable of caring about me the way you used to care about her. you told me you were doing the exact opposite with me because what you did with her didn’t work. don’t you see that i’m not her? not every girl is the same and wants the same thing. maybe whatever you did when you were with her would work better with me than blowing me off and putting me at the bottom of your priorities list. i don’t want to be number one, i just want to be top five. right now i feel like i’m not even in the top ten, and it hurts. i understand that school and work and log have to come before me. but i want to come before shows and other people. i should be your BEST. FRIEND. and a person’s best friend comes before all other friends. this should be especially true now, with the way i’ve been feeling lately. i need to be able to talk to you and i can’t do that if you’re constantly busy with other things. you’re skipping sixth hour to go set up a show. and you can’t take ten minutes in between bands or before the show starts to call me? i just think that’s screwed up is all. so thanks. thanks for putting me so low on your priorities list that i come after shows, which come before school, apparently. 😛

she then wrote a post on HER tumblr as follows:

No one is going to do to him what I did. You just have to convince him of that.

it’s almost like she’s actually remorseful for what she did to him. i’m just confused as to why she took it so well. i think a part of me wanted her to see my tumblr. i’m a bit relieved that she’s probably been stalking my tumblr the same way i’ve been stalking hers.


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