a new year for new beginnings

another year has come and gone and i feel old as fuck.
i seem to be getting one issue resolved, and i can only hope that a friendship emerges from it.
the truth of the matter is, i never really hated Steph. i envied her. her looks, her clothes, her personality, she feared nothing. the opinions of others never mattered. but after seeing her tumblr and speaking with her and knowing her thoughts, it’s all a charade. she hates herself, she hates her body, just as much as i hate myself and my body. she is afraid of what others think of her. she’s looking for love in all the wrong places. and honestly, this concerned me. i only want her to find happiness. i only want her to be okay. i fear i may become an overprotective mother now. but i’m so glad to have this resolution where we are able to be cordial with one another with no care of the past. at long last.


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