watch your back, boy.

if you’re still planning to come to ball state next year…oh man you had better be really good at avoiding me. i passed evan today and still clenched my fists. and that’s just because he made fun of my laugh senior year and never gave back my phil collins face value record after i asked him for it for a solid year and a half. you, on the other hand, have talked shit about me, told people i forced you into doing things you didn’t want to (sex, for example), started dating someone immediately after hurting me beyond any hurt i’ve felt from a breakup before, lied (i have no idea which contradictory statement was the lie, but you lied to me…to my face. and not just once), and many, many other ridiculous things. you better be really fucking good at avoiding people or i swear to god you’ll be the first person i ever get into a fist fight with. you pissed me off that much with all your bullshit.


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