dear asshole,

you shouldn’t be with her. you shouldn’t be with anyone. you should be alone with your thoughts. you should be alone so that you may work to better yourself. we weren’t perfect, but that wasn’t all my fault and neither was it all your fault. it was the fault of both of us. and for that, i am sorry. i know i played a significant role in our demise. the problem was just that we were both too stubborn. we both hated arguing, but at the same time, we craved it. we made each other aware of our issues, but neither of us was flexible enough to actually change anything. you didn’t want to change your ways for me, but would consistently criticize me for not bending for you. we both stood firm, rooted in our ways, too stubborn to bend even slightly for the other. each of us does what we want with no regard to others. it’s not our fault we were so painfully similar in that way. you got on me for not accepting the way you were, but at the same time you weren’t accepting my faults.
basically, fuck you.
from the bottom of my heart. 


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