you know what…

i’m really glad you saw my grieving process.
i’m not going to lie and sit here and say that i don’t miss you,
i do.
but i don’t miss you as you are now.
i miss you as you were a year ago.
best of luck to you and mckenna when she leaves for colorado.
you’re going to need it if you really care about her and want things to last.
because if you couldn’t handle me 3 hours away….
whoa man, you are in for your own personal piece of hell.
also, it helps to look at time stamps and see that when i posted the hostile “i will fight you” post was actually a long time ago. well, long enough for me to change my emotions on that one. i know i won’t fight you. because that’s not who i am. i may clench my fists and be angry with everyone and everything for the rest of the day or burst into tears or whatever, but i won’t jump on your back and start savagely beating you. i know you know this. i know you know i would never and could never do this to anyone (except for joel…but siblings are totally different). or maybe you don’t know. maybe you tried to forget and maybe you’ve succeeded.
well, at any rate, i hope you have a nice life.
and i hope you find what you’re looking for.
oh, yeah, and if you really wanted to know my mind, you’d look at my tumblr.
but i changed the URL due to unrelated occurrences involving my roommate.
sooooo…you can’t. xD 


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