memorable menzingers lyrics

“i’ve been having a horrible time pulling myself together i’ve been closing my eyes to find the old, familiar failures i’ve been having a horrible time pulling myself together i’ve been closing my eyes to find why all good things should fall apart”

the menzingers, good things

“what i’d give to force your sigh what i’d give to see you cry what i’d give for your caress to see your blue cotton dress balled up on the floor certain memories are the problem”

the menzingers, burn after writing

“i am just freaking out, yeah i’ll be fine. but i will fuck this up, i fucking know it.”

the menzingers, the obituaries

“you’ll carve your names into the parapet cliffs just to read them when you get old enough to know that happiness is just a moment so i’m marching up to your gates today to throw my lonely soul away cause i don’t need it you can take it back”

the menzingers, gates

“we’ll dance in subtle romance together while we’re making our time”

the menzingers, ava house

“and i’m pretty sure this corner of the world is the loneliest corner in the whole world”

“i will leave you alone, i will leave you alone, i will leave you alone, and you will leave me alone”

the menzingers, sun hotel

“you said, “sometimes i need you around” and he said, “if my convenience is just so convenient” you said you wanted to be interesting then you fell asleep”

the menzingers, sculptors and vandals

“i did what i did to get away from this cause everything that’s happened has left me a total wreck and everything i do now is meaningless so i’m off to wander around the world for a little bit without one hundred channels with nothing on the TV and the great pessimistic unknown”

the menzingers, mexican guitars

“we always dreamt of having nice things”

the menzingers, on the impossible past

“are you happy?” he said “are you rich or are you dead?” dreaming the dream singing songs of another time”

the menzingers, nice things

“you’ll still dance inside of me and i bet i sound like a broken record every time i open my mouth i want to wander around the city with you again”

the menzingers, casey

“and i once held your words close to my heart with a knife protecting all of them but now we’ve made our beds in a deep, dense forest we’re sound we’ll never take the blame”

“remember the days when i had a conscience? yeah, me neither and i’m warning you and i’m warning you that i can’t seem to tell if it’s my head or the earth that’s spinning around i can’t seem to tell anymore”

the menzingers, i can’t seem to tell

“so we wrap our hearts up in our heads and take the fall instead had it all took the fall”

the menzingers, freedom bridge


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