Sailor’s Song

away from the shoreline
flailing arms could be seen-
we were not swimming,
we were sinking like stones-
cast into the water by unsteady hands.
and when we washed upon the shore
by vicious tides,
we then saw it was time
to utter goodbyes.
you set me free into the sea,
but i did not wish to go.
so i tethered my boat to your pier,
hoping that you would pull it in close.
but my dear, you were sinking into a world of your own,
and i sat for days attempting to stay afloat.
i patched up holes,
and paled out water,
and fashioned oars from limbs.
i painted your name on the starboard side
then crossed it out
because it didn’t look right.
i painted “release” on the port side
hoping to untether the rope.
but still i sat tethered to the pier-
all the while tethered to my fear
of letting go.
i called to you,
yet you did not come.
i beckoned you,
yet you did not show.
i stared into the depths below.
my thoughts lapped upon my mind
like the tide upon the shore.
when at last you finally came,
you did not say a word.
your eyes did not meet mine.
you intently stared at the rope
that held my boat to your pier.
as you bent over it,
your hands began their steady work.
you quietly and carefully
untied the sailor’s knot.
and when you rose from your crouched position,
you stared out to the sea
and begged it to beckon to me.
so i’ll push my boat off from the shore,
you do not need me anymore.
ah, but darling i would be lying if i swore i did not miss your lips.
for even the sea misses the shore
that it crashes upon it with a tender kiss.


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