i’m really feeling it tonight

that jealous feeling.
that sinking feeling.
the one where i think back on all the things we did together and replace me with…her.
it isn’t right.
it isn’t right what you did to me.
i’m never going to be able to trust anyone the same way i trusted you.
because, as it turned out, i can’t trust you and i never could.
you’ve really fucked me up for the next guy.
if there ever is a next guy.
i don’t know…
but you’ve really fucked me up.
and i hope you’re happy with her.
i hope she makes you fucking happy.

but i also hope that when (if) you kiss her,
you see my face when you close your eyes.
i hope that when (if) she says she loves you,
you wish that it were me.
i hope that you realize how you fucked up.
and i hope that by that time,
it will be too late. 


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