rant rant rant the word gypsy doesn’t always have to be a slur….

post one thing on tumblr…one little tiny thing…about how you don’t think that the word “gypsy” when used in the context of the fleetwood mac song is actually racist, and you have people jumping down your throat from miles around. i’m sorry that word has such negative connotations attached to it. but i don’t see how my using it in the context of “so i’m back to the velvet underground, back to the room that i love, to a room full of lace and paper flowers, back to the gypsy that i was” is actually viewed as racist. i didn’t write those words. i didn’t initially speak them. yes, i wore gypsy skirts when i was thirteen, yes i wanted to be like Esmirelda the first time i saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but no, i do not use the word “gypsy” to describe myself or anyone after learning the history and meaning behind it. nor do i think that enjoying a song that is 30 years old that i have enjoyed for years before i knew the history behind the word “gypsy” makes me racist. that’s like calling white people racist for enjoying songs that use the term “nigger” in them, of which there are plenty. or calling anyone who ever sang “john jacob jingleheimer schmidt” racist against Germans (because that song is a slur against German immigrants). i am not racist. for liking. a song. so please people, please. grow up. stop fighting. i’m not going to stop enjoying a song that i have enjoyed for years, and years, and years just because you think it makes me racist. i know full well that i am nothing of the sort, and i would actually really appreciate it if you would stop making me out to be. -end rant-


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