i’m laughing, but i’m not sure if it’s funny….

this is exactly what happens when i’m past my expiration date for sleep. i get slap happy, then i get grumpy, but i usually never get to the grumpy stage too quickly. i stay slap happy for quite awhile. and i just think everything is funnier than it should be and i think i’m funny and i’m not. i have never been funny. i don’t know why people laugh at my jokes. they all suck. awful. i’m terrible at humour. i also tend to rant when i’m tired. so…bed. bed is a good idea. sometimes when i’m really tired and i wake up early i go to put my contacts in but i try to take them out instead. because i’m stupid and i sit there and try and try for like a whole minute before i’m like…wait a minute! they’re not in my eye! they’re in the case! *facepalm* right. best i go to bed then. :3


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