it’s really not that easy…

it’s not that easy to move on, you know. you don’t just get over something that quickly. it takes time. it takes work. every time i think i’m over it, some new thought pops into my head and i try desperately to bite back tears, but it doesn’t work out that way. i cry. i still cry. i cried last night because i remembered how you acted before we dated. i remembered our first date. it’s hard, okay? it’s hard for me to see you with someone new already. that’s why i blocked you both on facebook. so i wouldn’t have to be reminded of it anymore. because we have mutual friends. and i see comments you both make. and i can’t deal with that. it’s not that easy for me, and i shouldn’t have to apologize for that.

  • what a weirdo him of course i mean really….isnt he the one whos supposed to have a new chick? i cant get over how hes creeping your blogs and everything
you know, i can’t get over it either. i don’t understand why, if you honestly don’t care about me or the way i feel in any of this whole mess, you are still checking my blog. YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. care about her, focus on her, don’t look at my blog, look at her. seriously.

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