but…what if he says no?

katie-wifey thinks i should ask him out. that’s just such a modern concept though. i’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to relationships and dating. i think it’s the man’s job. i don’t know…i mean, maybe it would be more significant if i were willing to step that widely out of my comfort zone. i’m probably going to wind up broken on the floor in the fetal position either way though…*sigh* life is hard. why don’t they teach us the useful parts of how to live while we’re in school? 😛 i even took an interpersonal relationships class for a semester of high school. what did it teach me about relationships with people? nothing. why? because all we did was watch movies and because all i did was flirt with kyrstan because, let’s face it, she’s hot. 😉 lol. okay, okay. but honestly. i’ll be crushed if i hear the word no….


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