what’s wrong with me that i have such dreams?

earlier, you know, when i slept for 12 hours (3am-3pm…no regrets), i had a dream that i was swimming backwards in a lake with my eyes closed, so i started feeling seaweed enveloping my body and i swam forward and pulled myself out of the water. there were leeches all over my arms and they kept burrowing deeper and deeper into my flesh. so i went inside the house with my dad and he went looking for something (making a lot of noise doing so) while i pillaged the kitchen cabinets for salt. i found a box that said iodized salt, but all it contained were crackers. desperate to push the leeches out of my skin, i grabbed a nearby letter opener and started pushing the raised parts under my skin to force the leech out of the hole it had created. this worked once. as the leech fell from my arm, writhing on the counter, my dad returned with a deep red liquid that dripped onto my hand and into the sink and told me to use it. just then i found the salt on the counter, so i proceeded to pour the red liquid on my arms and dash salt on the openings the leeches had used to infiltrate my skin. it didn’t appear to be working, so desperate yet again, i used the letter opener to push the leeches out of the holes. this time, when i finally got it out of one hole, it simply created another. this one was to a major vein in my arm and as it crawled through my vein, the pain was excruciating, the vein popped up and was blue and pulsating and my dad came back and told me i had to drink the red liquid, which tasted like cider vinegar, although it resembled blood. my vein was huge and i fell on the ground and stared at the red liquid and decided to drink it as my dad had instructed. then i woke up.


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