note to asshole:

i’m not giving your fucking hoodie back until i have ALL my shit in hand. SUCK ON THAT!

you know, the hoodie you told me i could KEEP because it didn’t fit you anymore because you got FUCKING FAT from all that TACO HELL and CHIPOTTTTTLE. you’re a cunt. that’s right. a cunt. and you’re not even a woman. but your dick is so SMALL it just SHRANK BACK INTO YOU. grow a pair of fucking balls and don’t be afraid to face your mistakes. that’s i fucking ask. but you’re so FUCKING PUSSY you can’t even face me to make sure that i gave you all your shit. maybe you would have got all your shit in one fell swoop if YOU WOULD HAVE MANNED UP AND FUCKING COME AND GOT IT FROM ME INSTEAD OF DEMANDING I USE A FUCKING MIDDLE MAN TO WHICH YOU NEVER EVEN GAVE MY SHIT.  YOU FUCKING COCK SUCKING, ASSHOLE LICKING, CUNT MOTHER FUCKER. BRING MY FUCKING SHIT TO ME OR ALANNA OR KIM TO GIVE TO ALANNA OR YOU CAN LICK MY DEAD DOG’S BONES.


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