i know you don’t want my advice or anything of the sort, but seriously, i have to say this. don’t fuck things up with mckenna. she’s a sweet girl. her temper is a hell of a lot more in check than mine ever was so she’ll be able to CALMLY talk about things with you, and she genuinely cares about you. if you fuck her over, you’ll be fucking yourself over. granted she won’t go as psycho on you as i did- like i said, she has a far more even temper than i ever had, her emotions are in check- but she doesn’t deserve to get hurt for trying to help you. i will admit that i deserved quite a bit of what you gave, but i didn’t deserve all of it. mckenna on the other hand obviously cares a whole hell of a lot about you if she was able to look past the fact that you JUST got out of a relationshit and start dating you giving you the benefit of the doubt and not allowing you the proper period of healing time afterward etc.- so she DEFINITELY doesn’t deserve your bullshit. at all. but i’m seriously just trying to be helpful here and tell you don’t fuck up every halfway decent/good thing that comes into your life or you’re going to be very unhappy for an incredibly long time. that means don’t start talking shit about her to people no matter how unhappy or pissed off you are in that moment of time. seriously, it’s super uncool. rethink that shit before you let it spew out of your mouth like hot lava. it will eventually reach the city and hurt people. (in this particular analogy, the city is her ears, and people are the equivalent to her as a singular person). if you feel like you and her aren’t making the distance work…TELL HER. not everyone else you know. and don’t let her talk you out of it. just be a man and have some balls and fucking tell her straight up that YOU NEED A BREAK. not that you’re THINKING ABOUT how a break MAY BE beneficial. tell her that A BREAK WOULD MOST CERTAINLY BE BENEFICIAL. because in all honesty, that’s exactly where you fucked up with me. you were too much a pussy to just say “no. we need a break. i’m not dicking around. we fucking need this. serioulsy.”
i should just stop here because i know i’m never going to actually send this to you. HAHA. whatever. maybe if you still stalk my blog, you’ll see it. but i’m pretty sure i put out that fire. :3


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