just so you know

here’s a tip asshole, if you don’t want me to text you, don’t text me. and don’t say something was an accident when i have three people who witnessed you run into me and hit me in the pit say it didn’t look like one. why should i believe anything you say to me at all? especially after you told me nearly every day for eleven months that you loved me then you turn around and tell everyone you never actually liked me at all and i’m a crazy psycho bitch? i’m supposed to trust you after that? after i found out that you talked shit about me WHILE WE WERE STILL TOGETHER. maybe you should have told me you hated me instead of telling everyone else. maybe you should tell me all your stupid shit talking instead of everyone else. since it’s about me, that is. well, fuck you. never text me again. and give me my fucking Disney VHS tapes. ass.


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