the sting

last summer i was in love with you.
this summer i can’t stand you.
where i once learned to love you,
i’ve learned to despise you.
i’d like to pretend i’m stronger…
but your words and presence
still carry a familiar sting-
that same sting
that very nearly destroyed me.
from time to time
i feel my wound open
and the flesh begins to bleed once more-
my anger seeps from every pore.
yet no matter how hard
i may kick and scream,
nothing fights off
that sad and painful sting.
the dull ache that remains
once you fade away
reminds me of my loathing.
the wheels and cogs begin to turn
once more i feel my anger burn
i see your face
and clench a fist…
this is an anger
that will only subsist. 


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