funny story…but not really all that funny

so this guy that i had met on tumblr and found out he also went to ball state blah blah blah he’s in my english class this year and i just met him for the first time in person because of said english class on thursday. so, he had sent me a friend request on facebook and i was confused because i was definitely already friends with him on facebook, but i brushed it off and figured it was just an accidental him deleting me or something. welp. as i was talking to him in english, i found out his cray cray gf got onto his fb from his phone and read all of his facebook messages in the history of ever. and before he was dating her, he used to be really flirtatious with me. CRAY CRAY GIRLFRIEND GOTTA DELETE THE BITCHES WHO SHE FIND THREATENING.

glad to know i have that power. đŸ˜‰


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