all i want to do

i just want to meet a nice guy who likes good music.
he doesn’t have to love stevie

or kate

or pat

or patti

or debbie.

i might prefer it if he didn’t, in fact.
just because they’re all so gorgeous and i’m…a potato.

or an avocado green refrigerator.

i do want him to like fleetwood mac. like…really a lot. A LOT.

and i want him to like me REALLY REALLY A LOT. and to be respectful of me and honest with me and to have good communication skills….but boys don’t like me. especially not boys like that. and i can’t figure out for the life of me what i’m doing wrong. am i doing something wrong? AM I? i just don’t understand why no one talks to me or says anything. why is it so difficult for anyone to just say, “hey, i think you’re cool and stuff. you wanna go eat something or drink some coffee or whatever?” i just don’t understand….


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