i had to go to TIS to get my text book because ball state’s bookstore didn’t have it and i told the guy in the ball state bookstore that i was going to go look at TIS before i committed to ordering a copy that wouldn’t come until the end of the week and he was like, “pfft. good luck with that.” minus the pfft, but i could hear the pfft in the tone of his voice. BUT GUESS WHAT MILDLY ATTRACTIVE BALL STATE BOOKSTORE WORKER….TIS HAD IT. AND THE GUY WAS SUPER NICER THAN YOU. SO HAH!


anyway, on my way back from TIS i have to pass the record store so i decided to go in just to look around and see if they had anything i like. i thought for a brief moment, “MAYBE THEY’LL HAVE KATE BUSH” and then dismissed the thought with, “no, no American record store has Kate Bush records. PFFT.”
they had Never for Ever.

and my heart started beating super fast and i was like….”SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!” on the inside. because…ugh. Kate fucking Bush. and i also got Fleetwood Mac Bare Trees. both in quite excellent condition. and i paid 20 dollars for both. but it was so worth it. SO WORTH IT. the guy even lowered the cost so when i paid tax i wouldn’t have to break another bill. ^_^ maybe he just didn’t have change, but i thought it was quite nice of him to do that. so…today i am so freaking happy and there’s only one thing that could kill my mood….
HAVING TO READ OUT OF THE FUCKING BOOK I GOT FROM TIS. so i’m putting that off for as long as i possibly can. >:)


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