Carole King understands every emotion in the human spectrum

this post has nothing to do with the title. i’m just listening to Carole King, and jesus, do her lyrics speak to me. all the fucking time though, just…always.

i’m just…vastly confused. i shouldn’t be…or i wouldn’t be if i had actually gone to bed last night when i said i was going to. then i wouldn’t have seen that post…that was pretty immediately deleted, actually. i’m still wondering what it means…good…bad…neutral. i don’t know. i’m not even certain it was about me…but…i’m thinking it was. i just…*sigh* i wish i knew. i wish i could read people’s minds….it would make this whole “we like each other but live over 2000 miles apart and both suck at communication” thing easier…that’s for sure.


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