what we should do

  • hold hands and stare at the stars while we lay alone on a golf course and when the sprinklers come on, we’ll just play in them.
  • just have a lazy day where we order pizza, cuddle, and watch movies, doctor who, and adventure time all day.
  • go to the beach at night and build a fire in the sand.
  • share simple stories with no real rhyme nor reason behind them.
  • have competitions to see who can talk in only song titles the longest.
  • listen to music while we cuddle and exchange sweet pecks on cheeks and lips.
  • go to an art museum and jokingly critique every piece of art until one of us laughs.
  • take a road trip to anywhere, near or far.
  • sing along loudly to the car radio.
  • say what we mean, mean what we say, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • not be afraid of the stupid things.

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