about me that i stole from tumblr

Name: Lauryn

Age/birthday: 20. June 15th

Age you’d like to be, if there’s a difference: i don’t know…maybe 24. done with school. done with the world of greater education. on to better things.

Number of siblings, where you fall in line, and whether or not you have any corresponding traits (i.e. “middle child syndrome,” etc.): i have two, an older brother and a younger half sister, leaving me in the middle with my mother and the youngest with my dad. my dad spoils the crap out of me because i’m his little girl but i still feel that emptiness as associated with middle child syndrome. it’s a weird place to be in life.

What makes you angry? Or irritated? only having water to drink. roommates. when people talk through shows and movies. people who talk about me behind my back. small children. children period. boys who don’t know what they want. when things just don’t make sense to me at all.

What can bring you back to a good mood, no matter what?: genuine (attractive) boys taking genuine interest. free things. the television shows i like to watch.

Your feelings on breakfast for dinner: it’s pretty great.

Are you a good driver?: i don’t drive…so probably not.

Your biggest weakness, in any sense: oh man…there’s this one kid…but that’s sappy and romantic and it will never happen.

Favorite sandwich: BLT or cheeseburger…with bacon.

What you do for a living: i’m a full time student who has never been employed. i am a useless POS.

What you’d rather do for a living if whatever obstacles are preventing you from doing it now didn’t exist: i want to be a poet and/or author, like Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf. Neil Gaiman or Allen Ginsberg.

How you handle people you don’t like: i rant about them and imagine punching them in the face. but i never approach them or let them know that i don’t like them. just passive aggressively insult them.

How you handle people who don’t like you (or so you think): i obsess over it if it’s someone that matters. but most of the time it’s not so i just don’t care.

Best compliment you’ve ever received: “you’re the girlfriend people write about in books, as in the perfect girlfriend, like “wow that guy really found a perfect girl why can’t I find a girl like that.” except you exist.” ~Daniel


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