i had the weirdest dream. i’m not even sure what exactly was going on. but there was like me and Kayla and Tommy and then a random dude who was very attractive and wasn’t interested in me in the least bit. and we got into a car together and i don’t know who was driving, but the next thing i know we’re in this big theatre place and there’s my art history professor on the stage talking about something and the random attractive dude asked me what kind of clarinet i played and i said soprano clarinet and he was like, “what are the other kinds of clarinet?” and i said there’s the really huge one that’s a bass clarinet and he just goes oh. and for some reason i had my clarinet with me and i reached behind me and grabbed the mouth piece and started explaining how sometimes the mouthpiece can be played on its own and the whole row in front of me were clarinet players so they took their mouthpieces off and threw them on the floor. then the prof was going around handing out those huge pieces of paper but only to two rows and there were easels with random drawings on them, one of which was an apocalyptic scene that looked like a fourth grader drew it. so Aubrey was sitting by it and drawing a cat on it and saying, “the day Ted went crazy and committed arson.” and i got up and went to sit down and the art history prof was blocking my way to where i had been sitting because he was talking to a ZZ Top looking guy about whatever so i accidentally spit my gum on Aubrey and i just nonchalantly picked it off of her boob and went, “that never happened. you never had gum right there on your boob at all.” and i was still picking at her and the prof saw and stopped talking to the ZZ Top looking dude and laughed and went back to the stage and started asking about whether we’d heard of Daniel Smith because….i woke up.
Daniel is always in my dream in one way or another. when will it end? i just want to get over it….


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