could i talk to you? >.>

it’s really hard for me to talk to people confidently. if i were to run into greg, for instance, i know i wouldn’t be able to say hi to him. because i like him. and it’s totally stupid to talk to people you like, right? >.> no. but. i just really suck at talking to people that i like like that. because i fill my head with, “they’d never like me back.” or “you’ll say something stupid and they’ll never want to talk to you ever again.” or “they probably think you’re weird.” “they probably don’t remember meeting you.” *sigh* one day. some day. i promise i will talk to him. i have to. i really do. i will never be certain if he really is “into me” as aubrey put it unless i have more interaction with him. and i want it. oh, do i want it.


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