let me tell you something about myself

it’s taken me twenty years, eleven months, and twenty-three days to realize that i am a culmination of boring. i lack anything fascinating, though i’m often told i have beauty and brains and those are two things to be proud of, etc. i merely mean that there’s nothing about me defining. i am interested in the things that i’m interested in, but none of these things are particularly defining. i’m good at things that i do, but i don’t excel in any one thing.

maybe i’ve reached a midlife crisis here, but i’m fairly certain that those sorts of things don’t normally happen to people on the cusp of their twenty-first birthday (i can smell the fragrant booze already). all i can say for certain is that my mind is in crisis. i’m in a major that provides no certainty of a future whatsoever (of course, is there any major nowadays that provides such certainty the way the job market is?) and the promise of debt drowning me in my decisions is slowly but surely chipping away at any desire i have to continue.
may as well quit while you’re ahead, right?
except i’m not ahead, i’m already knee deep in the government’s promise to put me through college but only if i pay them back while President JoAnn Gora sits at her cushy desk and makes horrible decisions whilst making zero efforts to attempt to know the students who attend the fine establishment she runs making a hefty penny off of their tuition fees. this, dear friends, is some sort of government-run ponzi scheme (i’m convinced of it). it chips away at self-respect because the cost of schooling is too damn high (i had to, forgive me?) and wages are too damn low, and nobody in any position of power seems to give a damn (except Obama that one time, but i haven’t really heard anything more about that plan since the first time i heard about it, but i’m pretty sure he’s still trying, or at least i’d hope so because i actually like that guy and his brain).

yes, friends, we are a generation robbed of a good economy. a generation who can barely afford to be educated for jobs that don’t actually exist anymore. what a fine decade we live in.


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