the body image of society

society puts it into the minds of females of all ages that they must be thin and traditionally beautiful in order to be loved. turn the television on and on practically every channel they’re advertising for weight loss pills and supplements. go leaf through some magazines at the store, every woman is thin and gorgeous but has been modified through photo editing software regardless of how thin/beautiful they are in real life. it’s never. enough. when will our society stop pressuring us to fit into a size 2 when that’s utterly impossible for the majority of women? when will our society stop telling women what they should be through contradictions? Cosmopolitan urges women to be sexy and to please their man but others promote slut shaming and tell women that it’s not okay to have a sex drive or to flaunt their sexuality. even virgins are harassed for sticking to their values. wake up, world. this dictation of be this, don’t be that, you can’t do/be/say this because you’re a woman/man does nothing for us but make us feel like less of a person than we would like to be. it messes with our minds because nobody tells us we’re beautiful as we are until after we’ve believed societies lies for the most critical years of our lives. as young girls, our friends tell us how “fat” they are and we learn to compare ourselves to others. we want so desperately to be like that girl that we become unacceptable to ourselves; meanwhile, another girl is looking at us and thinking, i wish i was her. the question is, what can we do to change this? the answer comes when we stop teaching our children to hate themselves and instead teach them to embrace who they are. they may be different from others, but they are beautiful. we are society. we can produce change.


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