i hope this lasts awhile

i remember when we first started talking. we went to lunch and you didn’t speak to me for a few days. i saw you on the seventh floor lounge, but you were busy talking with friends. you kept looking over and i kept looking at you and you finally came over to talk to me. we talked for hours. at the end of that conversation, you offered a hug and i accepted, i walked to the elevator giddy with the prospects of the future.
that saturday when i was chilly, you put your arm around me to keep me warm. you pulled me in as close as you could to your body without completely hindering our ability to walk. i didn’t even mind having to go slowly so i wouldn’t trip over your feet or worse, my own. i was overjoyed to be with you. i was just happy to be held close to you. i never wanted that feeling to go away. even after nearly five months, that feeling still settles in when you hold me close. comfort. the best form of comfort, the comfort of someone you care for caring for  you.


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