people aren’t familiar with the definition of “NO”

i take issue with men, drunk or not, who think it’s okay to do something after they’ve asked and i’ve said “no.” no means exactly that, no. the story behind this stems from a few nights ago when i was at an 18+ human aftertaste show, newly 21 (seriously, i turned 21 while i was there…), so i’d had a couple shots, and a guy who looked, oddly, like a much shorter, uglier version of my older brother began to dance in front of me, he looked back at me like he wanted me to dance with him, i pulled back and started dancing behind a friend. he approached me and asked, “would you want to dance with me?” having a boyfriend, as i do, and seeing the way this fellow had been dancing with other girls in the room, quite raunchily, grinding and such, which i don’t condone under any circumstances for myself, i declined, saying, “no, that’s alright…” a few minutes later, i was dancing with my girlfriend, standing next to my brother (whom i texted about the previous event since he hadn’t arrived yet and he had responded, “i’ll put a broom handle through his jugular.”)

and the guy sandwiches me, puts his hands on my hips, makes me wholly uncomfortable, and starts grinding on me. like, did i not just decline such things? i looked at my brother and he gave me this look of, “what do you want me to do?” and i said my brothers name, widened my eyes, and the dude left then. i told my boyfriend about it, he said he was unhappy about it, and i told him i was too. especially since i had said, “no. i don’t want to dance with you.” should i have specified, “now or ever.”? should i have had to? i don’t believe so. thankfully my boyfriend isn’t an asshole and doesn’t blame me when guys make a move like that, other girls aren’t so lucky. honestly, fellas, no is no. no matter when it’s said. no matter how it’s said. you never know a girl’s reasons for it, but that shouldn’t matter. a reason to say no is good enough no matter what it is and you, as men, should respect the no. hell, this applies to some women too. when anyone says no. they mean. NO.


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