it goes to show you never know

in the past week i’ve learned that the REM song is more than true, everybody hurts. someone very close to me revealed to me how they are incredibly unhappy with their life. they listed several factors to me including friends, society, the fact that their parents are separated, and their inability to find a job in the town they live in. it shocked me because in the time that i’ve known them i haven’t known them to be an unhappy person. i’ve not once until now heard them complain or act in a negative manner toward anything, so hearing this come from them was, in a way, a wake up call. it showed me that everyone has struggles and issues, but perhaps they don’t voice them because they don’t want to be a negative person. it showed me that i’m not the only one with things about myself and my life that i’m unhappy with. this beautiful light of a person was standing in front of me and telling me their life was less than perfect and that they weren’t as happy as they always appeared to be to me. if people like that are hiding their troubles beneath the surface, then there are certainly others among the people we interact with on a daily basis. be kind to your fellow humans, everybody hurts…sometimes. and we may never know their struggles, but we must be conscientious of their existence.


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